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Look at the size of it!

What are your recycling tips?

2bags 1200w
Look at the size of it!

Rubbish and conservation has recently thrust itself into the forefront of my awareness since I have been living in Croatia. There is very little infrastructure for recycling. Being used to local council services to cater for the waste which I separate into glass, plastic, paper and food, it was somewhat exasperating to find that I had to put everything in together knowing it was all going to end up in land-fill.

This was especially apparent when I moved into a new place and within just one week I had produced two bags of waste, as shown in the picture. I felt that this was unnecessary and there must be things that could be done to avoid generating all this rubbish, even if I were in the UK. I hope to significantly reduce the size of my bags in the future.

Around this time I came across an article by a woman in New York called Lauren who hasn’t produced any waste in two years. Inspired by this I decided to look into ways of minimizing my impact on the world, and record what I discover on this website, which may be of help to others. I don’t expect, or have the time, to go to the levels taken by Lauren, but see that as an aspiration towards which I hope to pick up some useful tips for busy people.

So, here is my fitn_2015-04-18 19.10.32rst tip. Buy some reusable bags to avoid the one-time-use plastic bags for fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. I am now using these zip bags, and take them with me each time I go shopping. They are pretty sturdy, can be used for years and are ideal for loose fruit and vegetables.

But what about packaging in general? What do you do to avoid wasteful packaging?



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