Easy Recycling Tips

Leave the world as you found it, or better!


Make compost not waste

Dig a hole!

In the United Kingdom, luckily, in Windsor at least, the local council have provided little compost buckets for the kitchen and external wheelie bins for the collection of food waste. Compost is a great way of reusing waste in a natural for the growth of more food.

If you don’t have a food waste collection consider creating you’re own compost heap, if not already doing so. You can get a dedicated compost bin from a garden centre or you could just use a large bucket.

Here in Croatia I use a bucket to deposit my food waste mixed with a little earth. When the bucket gets full I put the contents in a hole I have dug in the garden and cover it with earth. After it has been in the ground for a few weeks I can then use the mixture for my pot plants to grow chillis, coriander and basil.


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